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Our PVF gas sampling bag is made of 2mil DuPont's TedlarŽ film. TedlarŽ film is strong, durable, and considered chemically inert to a wide range of compounds. Tedlar gas sampling bags are accredited by regulatory agencies in different countries and widely used indoor air sampling, waste processing yard gas sampling, soil sampling and other environmental protection application. Our TEDLAR sampling bags come with renovated, patented valves. Valve materials are polycarbonate or PTFE.

Price starts from as low as $5.00USD. Add $4.00 for PTFE valve.

Depending on inlet orientation, there are two types of valves. One type is that the inlet in vertical to the film; other one is horizontal to the film. Both valves have the same functionalities: they have on/off function and a cap with septum in valve for sampling purpose. Both valves are easy to use. One advantage of horizontal valve(side opening) is to use less storage space.